Review of the Nootropic Supplement Qualia

In many ways, modern ways place a great amount of strain on our brains; this is something that without some sort of help, we may not effectively be able to cope with. Form consistent electronic devices distracting us, environmental toxins, pent-up emotions and so much more, there are disadvantages that our brain faces consistently. That being said, we are still expected to work hard and smart at all that we must do.

One approach that has been taken to solve this has been embracing and consistently refining nootropics which allow us to enhance our cognitive responses and have overall better brain function. Today we will be reviewing one such nootropic and how it can help upgrade the brain in order to strive in a world where stress is always placed on the brain, the nootropic is called Qualia.

What Does Qualia Do?

There are various areas of the conscious mind that Qualia touched by imparting certain traits that are desired and reducing the ones that are not. There are also subtleties which users may not notice when they first start taking it, however as time passes, they can grow to appreciate them.

An energy boosting supplement, Qualia is designed to ensure that users will get that energy that they need so much after only a little while after having taken it, twenty minutes to be precise. The nootropic Qualia is also designed to promote as well as enhance the functionality of the brain and when the need arises, provide that energy boost.

Qualia guarantees that the user receives all the essential elements as well as the nutritional value to guarantee that brain is developing and functioning as it should. That being said, the one thing that it does not offer are free sample or a trial period so that those considering its use can try it out prior to completely purchasing it. The aim here is that users are being offered the chance to find out and experience the effectiveness and essentiality of Qualia.

Qualia´s Manufacturer´s Information and Claims

The Neurohacker Collective are the producers or manufacturers of the nootropic supplement Qualia are called. They take great pride in all of their products claiming that the benefits associated with their use are highly advanced. Some of the benefits they claim are the ability of increasing the amount of energy found in the body while taking on various tasks, the ability to improve a person’s cognitive capabilities, enhancement of the body´s immune systems, regulating the various processes of the body including the levels of metabolism, and improving the hormonal balance capabilities.

How Does Qualia Work and What Are Its Main Ingredients

The way that Qualia works is by introducing into the body certain essential ingredients that help to support the functionality of the brain. The main ingredients found in Qualia are as follows:

Caffeine: helps to improve person’s levels of concentration, provides an energetic boost to the body and helps to improve the person’s levels of concentration.

Pterostilbene: an extract which is found in fruits such as blueberries and grapes. Pterostilbene helps to promote and improve cardiovascular healthy, it ensures that while the needed energy is released, a person’s cognitive abilities are also improving. Pterostilbene also limits calorie conversion to fat; it reduces the amount of inflammation and promotes advanced metabolism process ensuring the person is always healthy.

Here are a few of the benefits associated with the intake of the nootropic supplement Qualia:

Improved Cognition
• Concentration and focus
• Both long and short term memory
• Creativity
• Analytical thinking

Improved Personality
• Setting long term goals
• Motivation
• Insightfulness
• Emotional resilience

Improved Body
• Sensory acuity
• Reduced reaction time
• Immune health
• Physical energy

Today many nootropic supplements available on the market exclusively focus on increasing the mental function, they however completely ignore one of the biggest selling points behind nootropics and that is actually removing dysfunction. Conceptualizing having more focus and energy or feeling “smarter” is harder that to actually remove the obstacles that are in the way of getting to that point.

Would it really make much sense if for example, you were able to improve your use use of language, however when it came time for you to give a speech, you suffered from a crippling anxiety attack? Would it make sense if for example you were motivated to start writing a paper; however you were unable to maintain focus to actually complete it?

With that in mind, here are a few traits which we hate struggling with the nootropic supplement Qualia can help to remove:

• Forgetfulness
• Brain fog
• The ability to focus

• Dysphoria
• Anxiety
• Social awkwardness

• Inflammation
• Pain
• Fatigue

Are There any Cons or Possible Side Effects Associated with Taking Qualia?

At the moment that have not been any cons reported with the use of this specific energy boosting, cognitive enhancing nootropic formula. That being said, the one possible side effect that has been reported with its use is a caffeine addiction due to the high amounts of caffeine found in this supplement.

How Long Will it Take for Qualia to Take Effect?

Although some effects are immediate and you will feel them kick in right away, as with other supplements, some of Qualia´s effect will not be immediately apparent. The long term effect will appear with time, over the next few weeks after having started the regimen. A systematic nootropic gain is not what Qualia targets, what it does is balance all the necessary chemical factors for this to be achieved, that is quite a bold move.

Is Qualia for Everyone?

If you feel as if it would be beneficial for you to have a complete brain upgrade, than the nootropic supplement Qualia may be the right choice. That being said, Qualia contain a concentrated power which is intended for individuals who on a daily basis have to use their brains to the point exhaustion. What I am referring to here are those people who are changing the world, for example engineers, scientists, writers, and academics are the individuals who could really benefit from this complete bio-hardware upgrade.

The manufacturers themselves express that now more than ever, the world needs great people. It is their goal to help those people and they feel as if the future of humanity does indeed rest on nootropics such as Qualia. By itself the formula is safe, as long as recommended by the manufacturers; the dosage is started low and is increased slowly.

That being said, there are certain medications that is a person is on, Qualia should not be an option. For example SSRIs and especially MAOIs due to the neurochemistry involved which can possibly be thrown off balance, if this were to occur, more harm than good would be done.

How Can I Purchase Qualia?

Anyone who is interested in purchasing the nootropic supplement Qualia for themselves or for someone they know can do so quite simply. All you have to do is purchase it directly off of Neurohacker Collective´s official website where payments by credit card as well as PayPal are accepted.

How Much Will it Cost to Purchase Qualia?

This is one of the reasons why Qualia may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Due to the fact that Qualia is a product that is so carefully designed and comprehensive, you may feel as if upfront the price is very high. For one purchase of Qualia to last a month you are looking at paying$149. If however you subscribe to Qualia so you receive it on a monthly basis, you will then be paying only $129 a month.

Either way, even for a luxury supplement this may look steep to some but for those who know that the benefits associated with Qualia are what they need; this is something that will be worth it to them.

In Conclusion

One of the most impressive nootropic supplements which many people are speaking of seems to be Qualia from Neurohacker Collective, form where they originated all the way to how exquisitely designed their formula is. Although the pricing may be targeting a specific group of extreme high achievers, considering the sum of the cost of the ingredients which are used, it still has tremendous value.

Nootropic supplements of this caliber are not for just anybody. There are many people who due to their given lifestyle, probably do not even feel the remote need to spend that amount of money on high quality nootropic supplements such as Qualia. That being said, if you do feel the need for this, than you will know what to do.

Maybe a special nootropic is what the world needs to be able to keep up the modern day pace it faces, may be that role is the one that Qualia will take. An individual experience being improved by enhancing the functionality of the brain and being provided with a boost of energy is one of the best ways we can ensure that we always remain at par.

That being said, it is important to always be careful with the supplements you decide to use and obtaining all pertinent information prior to using them is advised. It is best that before you decide to take a nootropic supplement such as Qualia that you consult your primary care provider for their advice on the subject.