Types Of Nootropics That Will Help You Become Smarter

Do you have an exam that you really need to pass because a lot of important things depend on it? Or Are you nervous about a job interview because you don’t think that you are not smart enough for it? Nootropics or smart drugs can help you get that A that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Don’t believe it? Ask the students in leading UK universities, and they will prove to you the magic that lies in a capsule of Nootropics.

Students are not the only ones who are using smart drugs to get the full potential of their brains. Even employees of a startup company in California are also using a Nootropic called LSD to get that extra push that their brains need to work efficiently. Sadly, you can only purchase Nootropics in Europe. But if you still badly need this booster, then here are the types of smart drugs that you can purchase.


Do you have some paperwork to finish but you are already too tired to focus on what you’re doing? Nicotine, a substance that is usually used in cigarettes and tobacco is a kind of nootropic that can help you focus, lighten up your mood, and even make you fell motivated so you will be able to finish all of the things that you have to do.

However, it is not recommendable to get nicotine from smoking since it will only damage your health. There are smart drugs with nicotine that will provide you with the right amount of this compound which is lower than those in cigarettes and tobaccos. Nicotine helps your mitochondrial function to increase and improve your brain’s performance.


Do you want to achieve a calm yet alert state for your mind? L-theanine is a compound that is also present in black and green tea. Having theanine in your system allows you to relax, be alert, and even promotes mental endurance. It is a good idea to take caffeine after or before taking theanine since these two nootropics will cooperate perfectly to increase your memory.

You can either take theanine in a capsule or drink 1-2 cups of green tea. It is recommendable to drink a green tea that is shade-grown because it will more likely have higher theanine levels than ones that are not grown in the shade. Enjoy your cup of tea and get relaxed instantly.

Unfair Advantage

In need of an energy boost? Unfair advantage is a nootropic that will support your mitochondria. Some people use this smart drug because of its energizing effect to the mitochondria. This just means that you can take it for your pre-workouts.

Having a very demanding life can cause you to get tired easily. Students might feel pressured to have high grades and employees are expected to meet the demands of their toxic job. But you don’t have to feel hopeless anymore because Nootropics are here and they can help you achieve your goals! Taking smart drugs need not be expensive. It can be as simple as taking 2 cups of tea. However, if you really want to take these medications, it is better to read nootropic reviews and consult your doctor first. Click here to check out the 10 best smart drugs.

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